We promote the implementation of Interactive Posters and Leaflets to Organisations and Consumers
    Turn Print from a One-Way Communication into a real and lasting Dialogue

Incorporate your SmartPosters as a strategic communication and engagement tool. Link your SmartPosters to a wide variety of digital and interactive content including commerce, surveys and audio & video files. We can help you with presenting your content in a mobile consumer friendly format

Engage with people right at the Point of Need or even at the Point of Purchase. Build dialogue and create a relationship. Allow people to access enhanced information directly to their smart phones.

Enable the transfer of enhanced information direct to a user’s mobile device. Include any kind of digital content for example; Survey's, Competitions, Audio, Video and Interactive PDF’s. We’ll show you how best to present and deliver your content.

These days any kind of intrusive marketing simply doesn’t work anymore – and even worse can have the opposite effect of turning consumers away from a brand. Best practice would be to build your own non-intrusive and permission based campaigns using your SmartPosters to support your marketing programs.

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Enable Information & Engagement at the Point of Interest

It's easier to implement than you think!

Since the very first printing press was invented by Johannes Guttenberg over 580 years ago – print has hardly changed. Of course the method of production, the inks and substrates are different but essentially Print is still a one-way communication channel. The world has moved on. The world and the word is mobile. Now you can easily add a Call to Action to your printed posters with added intelligent responders such as embedded NFC Chips, ANSATAG QR Codes, Interactive SMS & Email you can create active and immediate engagement with your target audience. The possibilities are truly endless and once you understand what you can achieve – you will never look at print in the same way again. Contact us today and let’s start to enhance the way that print works for you.

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